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Demon Blade

Demon Blade is an action adventure fantasy comic with an eventual side helping of Super Robot shenanigans, created by Sam Abramson and finally launched in 2009 after 6 years of gathering ideas. The comic is about a young orphaned bounty hunter named Tsurugi Diablo, who is somehow in possession of a magical, ancient sword. Sound cliche? Don't worry, it is! In a nutshell, the comic may be best described as "Gurren Lagann meets Disgaea: Hour of Darkness."

December 21st, 2009, 6:49 am

Chapter 4: Progress Report

After spending a few days writing up a good bit of plot advancement, I decided to get to work on chapter 4.

Current Phase: Effects
Pages Completed: 15/15

December 21: I spent quite a bit of time sketching up a splash page featuring every single member of the Faustian Cult, and I really like how it looks. But alas, it is 5 in the morning, and I should be asleep.
December 22: I aim to finish the sketching process before Christmas. (this doesn't mean the chapter will be out by then; but if I do finish sketching in that time, I might be able to push out one more chapter this year.) Nothing else to say, really.
December 23: Due to some unexpected company, I only managed to sketch one page today, and company WILL be expected for Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, so my goal of sketching the whole chapter before then might not be so doable after all. Progress will hopefully be back to normal after Christmas is done, and I will try my hardest to get chapter 4 out there in time for the new year.
December 24: Managed to sketch two pages today, totalling in at 9 pages sketched. I am close to completing the sketching process, but I still failed in my goal of completing it before Christmas. Hopefully, things will quiet down on Christmas afternoon, and I'll be able to work faster. I still believe I can achieve the other goal!
December 25: Sketched four pages today, and looking at the script, I've concluded that chapter 4 will probably contain 16 pages. And I'm really excited to finish this one because it marks the first appearance of my two personal favorite characters in the comic. So, three more pages sketched, and then it's drawing time.
December 26: Sketching process has been completed, so progress should be going a lot quicker now. There are 15 pages, and I've completed 3 so far. There are 6 days left in the year. So, I'll have to keep up a pace of at least two pages a day to reach my goal.
December 28: My creative drive really kicked in, and there's just one page left to draw before I get started on backgrounds. Expect the new chapter to be up tomorrow!
December 29: A little later than expected, but the chapter is complete and will be uploaded shortly!

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